About Fit N Glam

Mrs. India Earth 2017, Mrs. Earth International 2018, Dr. Sonal Parihar, a renowned gynecologist, a philanthropist, a homemaker, a YouTuber with more than 8.5 lac followers, a fashionista, mother of a 18 years son and a 13 years daughter.

Dr. Ajay Singh Parihar is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, director of Sonaa Medihub Hospital, Mr. Gwalior 1995 and a model, a person of social credibility. He has been the visionary behind this dream come true.

“Contentment does not lie in just doing things, for me it lies in making a whole lot of people do the same thing, in volumes” says Dr. Ajay. “Glamour is not only looking glamorous, but the intent to do good to others with dignity in the most profound way is glamour” as Dr. Sonal says.

When people have such pure thoughts and move towards making something good, they become achievers. The directors say we don’t title Miss or Mrs, our intent is to make a better society where a fit women would give a fit society and a glamorous women would spread happiness and a caring environment for people to thrive well in the society. This is where the name FITNGLAM comes from.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this pageant is a platform made with an intent of bringing empathy, hard work, prudence and philanthropy in the lives of the participants. Everyone is busy in their lives, but these lovely contestants have taken out their time to re program their mind and souls and create an environment where they are imparting happiness to their surroundings and getting glamorous day by day.

The directors of this pageant Dr. Sonal and Dr. Ajay believe, each year they will have an opportunity to re program contestants who in turn will make a niche’ in other’s lives and this will propagate in volumes. Women after 30 are in the best age to realize their dreams and this is the best time to start giving back to society and importantly to mother earth, so that we preserve earth in the best possible condition for generations to enjoy its immense beauty.


Our International Pageant Director Dr. Ravi Singh Parihar is an Orthopaedic surgeon trained in the UK, a member of International society of traumatology with an extensive experience of 27 years. Presently working in Dubai as Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon. He also has a MBA in Healthcare management and leadership from Switzerland. Recipient of Best Doctor Award in the year 2017.

A passionate traveler who takes out time to wander and venture travelling and meeting new people. Trying to understand the various outlook among people of different nationalities and region, that they have towards life and fashion. Till now he has been to 20 different countries and waiting for thelockdown to be lifted to resume his travel.

He strongly opines "Beauty and Brain Go together". He has met many people who are really admiring and humble and also were the most confident, ambitious, educated human beings. Beauty is something that makes a person attractive and interesting, while the brain makes the person sharp and sarcastic as well as respectful and humble.

With humbleness he takes the privilege of being a part of FitnGlam and would love to share his perspective on beauty and fashion built on experiences gained by traveling and meeting people over last 15 years.

He wishes his best to all the contestants and looks forward to to meet you all.

Our International pageant director Dr Sangeeta Parihar, a Pediatrician having an experience of 27 years. Wife of an orthopaedic surgeon and a mother of a 21 year old boy. Presently working in Dubai.

She enjoys listening to music and watching movies but at the same time striking a perfect balance between her professional, home and social life. She loves having friendly conversation not only with her son but with all children who come across her professional life. Not only she treats diseases but is also involved in overall development of mental and physical health of children by counseling them by interactive sessions at schools.

Fashion has always impressed her. She believes fashion is style of clothing, hair grooming and utmost being the behavior which compliments the age. She claims to be excited being a part of FitnGlam, a platform where she will not only get an opportunity to meet ladies who are ready to showcase their talent but also watch them transform into showstoppers with the help of professional grooming provided during the event.

She conveys best wishes to all the participating beautiful ladies and looking forward to interact with them.

Dr. Ravi Singh Parihar

Dr Sangeeta Parihar