We conduct a 7 days rigorous training schedule wherein hair & skin care sessions, fitness tips and lectures by experts in these fields, are conducted. One full day is dedicated to Hands - on make up tutorials which includes three different types of makeups. We have assigned 3 days for glamour poses, confidently facing the camera and RAMP WALK in different attires. Candidates are given many glam photo shoots for their portfolio. We feel that a winning candidate is the one who has a command on her speaking skills, awareness towards social and environmental issues and maintains a spontaneity in her thoughts and expressions. Hence we give utmost importance to these sessions. We also stress upon inculcating good inter personal relationships and maintaining a healthy competition among the candidates. The course is followed by a mock pageant wherein candidates get a taste of the REAL show and can judge themselves.

  • Ramp Walk in different attires.

  • Glamour poses.

  • How to face the camera.

  • Makeup classes.

  • Hair & Skin care sessions.

  • Fitness tips ans sessions.

  • Glamour Photoshots

  • Helping candidates to espress their talents.

  • Vigorous training for facing judges on stage.

  • Vigorous training sessions for pageant questions.

  • Creating awareness about social & environmental issues.

  • Encouragement to actively participate in charity programmes.

  • Training sessions for social media exposure ans press conferences.

  • Skill towards interpersonal relationship.

  • Pageant mock rounds.